Ziegler Transitions to New Super-Hub at London Gateway

Ziegler Transitions to New Super-Hub at London Gateway

In a bid to drive operational efficiencies, enhance services, and take the thriving business to the next level, Ziegler UK has recently completed the move to its brand new super-hub at DP World’s London Gateway Logistics Park.  

Founded back in 1908, Ziegler Group is a prominent global logistics service provider (with expertise spanning multimodal transport by road, ocean, air, rail, and inland waterway) with nigh-on unrivalled scope and operational capabilities. Boasting a global network spanning 156 branches, across 16 countries, and more than 3,200 highly skilled employees, the company is able to offer a unique combination of flexibility and scalability that is rare in the market. Notably, Ziegler Group expands this operational footprint further via partnerships with companies across a further 80 countries, effectively giving the firm a footprint across a staggering 96 countries in total.

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Looking towards operations within the UK, Ziegler UK Limited was formally established in 2009 as a natural progression off the back of many years of investment and high levels of business activity. Over the past 15 years, Ziegler UK has quickly established itself as a leader in the UK transport and logistics market, with a network of 15 agencies across the country, 300 staff members, and an industry-recognised approach to international, multi-modal logistics services. To this date, Ziegler UK Limited continues on an exciting growth trajectory.

Strength of Service: Corporate in Size, Human in Nature

Despite its significant scale, it’s important to recognise the approach taken to service by Ziegler. Corporate in scale but human in nature, Ziegler offers an effective blend of your traditional family-run business with that of a more archetypically global logistics company. Simply put, this allows for companies to benefit from Ziegler’s enormous scale, but ultimately enjoy tailor-made services and increased accessibility of key decision makers across the company; it’s a winning combination that has certainly paid off for Ziegler and clients alike. 

As one might expect of a more human-natured operation, customer satisfaction, client peace of mind, and long-term relationship development exist as core focal areas for Ziegler. From the top of the organisation all the way down to those operating on the ground, Ziegler demonstrates a keen eye for the customer journey, professional communication, and unwavering support in line with the oft-changing demands of clients. Indeed, it’s perhaps due to this culture of customer satisfaction that allows Ziegler to effortlessly reduce costs and enhance sustainability within the supply chain while ensuring a consistently high standard of service.

Underpinning Ziegler’s focus on the customer is the talent within the four walls of the business. While it is true that the industry as a whole has struggled to acquire and retain quality talent in more recent years, Ziegler has been very fortunate in accessing a pool of highly skilled talent that has allowed for the continued growth of the business. While we’re sure there are a number of factors behind this, insight suggests that this is as a result of the firm’s commitment to creating a workplace where employees can thrive, build fulfilling careers, and develop their technical skills via continued training and professional growth opportunities.

Achieving New Heights: London Gateway Super-Hub

Although Ziegler has always been at the fore of the industry, the company certainly understands the need to continue developing, evolving, and pushing the boundaries of its capabilities. As such, Ziegler UK has recently announced its successful transition into a new super-hub at DP World’s London Gateway Logistics Park. Reportedly, the move will allow for the company to double down on optimisation across operations and benefit from what is effectively a technically advanced environment for the multimodal operation of the future to operate out of. 

Concerning the facilities and infrastructure now available to Ziegler UK, the organisation now has access to 365,000 square feet of cutting-edge warehousing space (including 55,000 pallet racking spaces, an optimised loading dock, and 37 docking bays) at London Gateway’s Logistics Park, in addition to state-of-the-art office space and the enviable strategic location that the park offers. Complementing the build environment itself, Ziegler will also be utilising an advanced inventory management system with real-time visibility into inventory levels; in essence, this will allow for clients to optimise their operations, eliminate disruptions, and ensure a seamless flow of goods in a market where streamlining is certainly at the top of the agenda.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “Building on strong relations with the Port and DP World, Ziegler’s proximity to key transportation hubs enhances ability to coordinate road, air, and ocean freight movements with unprecedented efficiency, further solidifying our status as a dominant force in the industry. The expansion ensures swift and efficient transportation of goods throughout the country, overcoming any logistical challenges faced at the previous London Gateway premises.”

Importantly, the transition to the new facility also presents something of an opportunity, not just for would-be clients (who might benefit from the supply chain optimisation that Ziegler can offer), but also for professionals seeking opportunities in the sector. Indeed, with the transition has also come a recruitment drive that purportedly promises to enrich the local community, with a series of job opportunities being created for the local workforce. For those either seeking a new opportunity within the sector, Ziegler may very well be worth a consideration.

Going forward, it’s clear that Ziegler UK has high hopes for operations within the market and the investment into the new facilities at London Gateway Logistics Park are certainly indicative of that. Keen to engage with new clients wishing to elevate their freight transport and logistics to new heights, it’s also evident that Ziegler UK is targetting growth within the market as opportunities increasingly expand. Certainly, we’re keen to see just how far Ziegler can push both services and commercial growth in the coming years, as it takes advantage of those opportunities emerging in the market. As always, we’ll report further as and when we know more. 

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