The Automotive Aftermarket Opts for IT Efficiencies

The Automotive Aftermarket Opts for IT Efficiencies

According to PACT, the joint venture between eparts and TecCom, automotive aftermarket motor factors are opting for greater IT efficiencies and connection with suppliers.

In recent months, PACT says that many motor factors have demanded more enhanced connectivity with the introduction of reverse messaging into their business, which brings about a number of benefits.

Reverse messaging allows for the electronic exchange of information from supplier to motor factor once the factor has placed their order. Messages such as supplier dispatch notes, invoices and credits are therefore seamlessly implemented on to a factor’s business management system, allowing stock to be processed more quickly and reducing purchase ledger overheads with less data entry.

“It’s fantastic to see many motor factor businesses not only embracing the benefits of automotive aftermarket connectivity but also demanding implementation of further tools to help their business be as efficient as possible. This can only be good news for the trade as it means greater service levels against a backdrop of increased competition,” said Peter Hollowood of PACT.

PACT electronic trading ‘sits’ on a parts distributor’s business management system such as MAM Software and connects with its supplier base, offering seamless trading efficiencies. It has established connectivity between more than 2000 motor factor locations and close to 90 automotive suppliers. This has led to millions of messages and orders being exchanged every month, saving the distribution aftermarket valuable time and resource.

PACT capability enables motor factors and suppliers to communicate and trade more effectively as all ordering processes are automated and seamlessly transacted into a business’s management system. In addition to a more efficient trading relationship, the benefits of PACT are reduced costs from stationery, postage and labour, allowing for the redeployment of resources into other critical areas of the business.


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