Study Suggests Heavy Investment Needed by Warehouse Managers

Study Suggests Heavy Investment Needed by Warehouse Managers

7/10 decision makers need to accelerate investment by 2020 to meet heightened customer expectations from warehouse managers and operators according to research taken out by Zebra Technologies.

Zebra Technologies are one of the global leaders in solutions and services in warehouse technologies. The company provides real-time visibility into the way companies operate. The company has recently announced the results of its Warehouse Vision Study. The study compares the input from nearly 1,400 IT and operations warehouse professionals on their expectations in 2015 versus 2020.

New consumer expectations will drive investment to increase in IT and operational functions over the next four years. Manufacturing and logistics companies are continuing its adjustments delivering directly to consumers.

IT and operations resolutions in warehouses and distribution centers are consistently in need of ways to identify and improve productivity whilst also reducing costs to remain competitive.

Fulfilment is an essential part of the customer value chain and investment into the tech and innovation area can go fat to improve the customer experience. Nearly half of all the respondents from the survey indicated concern about the labor performance. The order, pick and fulfilment process was a major area of concern for the future giving also a large offer of opportunity to companies who can provide the tools required to do this more efficiently with better accuracy.

Over 40% of the respondents cited a need to shorten delivery times, as a measure many are purchasing warehouse space and investment. It’s also expected that consumers will be demanding the increase of locations and volumes of items shipped and stored in warehouse.

Other points pointed towards more companies investing in a warehouse management system with 75% of those surveyed stating they’d hope to do this by 2020.

Over half of the respondents were hoping to increase investment in real-time location tracking systems that track inventory and asset throughout the warehouse.

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