ProSKU Helped Intermedia Brand Marketing Grow

ProSKU Helped Intermedia Brand Marketing Grow

West Sussex-based Intermedia Brand Marketing has introduced the cloud-based ProSKU warehouse management system (WMS) earlier this year and since then, it has added innovative B2B and B2B services for customers, has consolidated its warehouse operations, has reduced picking errors and resulting returns and has undergone significant expansion in warehouse space and number of employees.

The ProSKU system was selected because it controls stock accurately by location, supplies picking and despatch paperwork and maintains a full history of orders and stock movements, all while being able to integrate with Myriad, the software used by the publishing industry, to exchange order information.

“We were looking for something to provide robust stock management, offer automated documentation and auditability. It needed to satisfy our reporting needs and be easy to interrogate. ProSKU has provided all of these things,” explained Dave McGrory, Intermedia’s Head of Production and Logistics.

Since going live, the system has brought a number of benefits to the company: multiple items can be bulk-picked in one exercise and then sorted into individual orders, it increased accuracy and efficiency and it made it easier for the company to spot picking errors.

The company is now capable of offering a range of services in both B2C and B2B areas such as support for retail operations involving shipment of publishers’ titles to smaller retail operations; management of e-commerce shops for publishers, involving pick and despatch of gifts and toys; and wholesale orders, where large volumes of titles are shipped to wholesalers for onward supply.

As a result of this growth, Intermedia Brand Marketing is keen to embrace other technologies that will benefit their operation. As far as ProSKU itself is concerned, Dave McGrory is upbeat: “I know there’s quite a lot more ProSKU can offer that can help enhance our business, once we get the time to take a look at it!”

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