Northern Freight Services and B&B Attachments Collaborate

Northern Freight Services and B&B Attachments Collaborate

The haulage, distribution, and warehousing company Northern Freight Services asked B&B Attachments to provide them with a solution to improve their productivity in the process of handling materials. They required specialist attachments to lift safely, rotate, and inspect large tyres before transporting them to Caterpillar in Peterlee, Co. Durham.

B&B provided a KAUP 4.8T453 Rotating Bale Clamp, which is a robust attachment that rotates hydraulically 360° in both directions. Its inside is optimised for damage-free lifting, clamping and transporting and is designed with toe-in on the tips.

Additionally, B&B also supplied Northern Freight Services with a KAUP 3T408P Tyre Clamp that will handle the stacks. This solution is perfect for the transport of vertical stacks of tyres because it is fitted with large contact pads that ensure the stack is fully secured and provide stable and safe handling. Both of the attachments were fitted to JCB Teletrucks, supplied by Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd.

“We are delighted with the attachments provided from B&B Attachments. These attachments are now an integral part of our operation, providing optimum performance and maximum productivity when handling these large tyres on site. Safety is paramount for us and these attachments ensure we are operating in the safest way possible in the quickest time,” said Michael Banks, Warehouse Manager at Northern Freight Services.

Based in the North East of England, Northern Freight Services is a family owned business that offers its customers 180,000 square foot of internal warehouse space, along with 9 acres of external storage space. Its customers vary from small local businesses to large worldwide blue chip companies, which benefit from a variety of transport services.

B&B Attachments is the market leader in the supply and manufacture of forklift truck attachments to the logistics industry, offering the widest range of products.

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