Moody Haulage Implements Telematics Across Fleet

Moody Haulage Implements Telematics Across Fleet

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Moody Haulage Implements Telematics To Improve Productivity Across Fleet

Moody Haulage, a Northumberland-based logistics, storage and warehouse business, has improved productivity across its fleet, after deploying a telematics solution from Masternaut.

Fleet managers at Moody Haulage are using Masternaut’s telematics system for vehicle tracking, and monitoring idling and fuel usage. Operating across its fleet of vehicles, ranging in capacity  from 3.5T, 7.5T 18T rigids to 44T artic curtain siders, Moody Haulage has reported a huge uplift in productivity since Masternaut’s telematics solution was installed.

Masternaut provides Moody Haulage with reports on idling and fuel usage to illustrate how fuel is being used, and wasted, across the fleet. This provides Moody Haulage with the tools to educate drivers on how to save fuel and be more efficient in future. Since implementation the firm has achieved double-digit fuel savings, as well as better vehicle utilisation.

The technology provides a real-time view of Moody Haulage’s fleet at any time, giving fleet managers full visibility of all vehicles. Fleet managers and customer service advisors are able to provide clients with precise updates on time of arrival, advise on delays, and find the closest driver to a job. The system is also used to prove a driver did attend a job should there be a dispute.

Providing powerful routing capabilities, the system is also helping drivers and fleet managers to find the fastest route to customer locations across the UK.

“In the logistics industry, it’s vitally important to ensure we are on time and give our customers the most accurate information possible, and Masternaut has provided a system that does all of the above and more. It’s been totally accepted and embraced by the drivers and is well used throughout the business,” commented Caroline Moody, Business Development Director, Moody Haulage.  We’ve saved money by reducing the amount of fuel used and improving our scheduling and journey routing capabilities, a return which means the system pays for itself. The accuracy Masternaut provides is unparalleled and as a result, we’ve seen a huge uplift in productivity and efficiency among our fleet drivers.”

Steve Towe, Chief Operating Officer and UK Managing Director, added, “Offering products configured for HGV and Vans from the same platform and shared service has allowed Moody Haulage to make huge gains in productivity and efficiency. We are delighted to support them deliver significant service improvements to their customers.”

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