McCue’s Advice to Use Rack Protection

McCue’s Advice to Use Rack Protection

McCue would like to remind everyone about the importance of using rack protection, which should be common practice for warehouse managers. The company has two industry-leading versions for those who still need to purchase it – an easy-to-install wraparound that straps directly onto racking and a heavy duty floor-mounted option with a shock-absorbing rubber core.

They also have The Rack End Protector for the troublesome turning corners, which is a 55 pounds high tensile steel fastened to the concrete with steel anchors that will deflect any impact forces away from the racking.

Most companies already have the rack inspections put into place, but all racking will have problem areas. The gradual and persistent weakening of its strength caused by grazes and brushes represents one of the problems, together with the turning corners. Sometimes even the most conscientious of drivers might not realise where there has been a slight knock on a racking leg. All these lead to a deteriorated rack that can lead to a rack collapse.

In 2016, there was a racking collapse at a cheese factory in Shropshire that was so devastating that it made the national news. Although the forklift driver escaped unhurt, the damages were major. The companies who suffer such damage have to overcome the crippling costs of restoring order, replacing damaged equipment, and handling lost or unfulfilled orders.
The next phase after that is the report done by the Health and Safety Executive that results into even more downtime, eventually followed by fines if unsafe procedures were found to be in place. If any staff gets injured, they will have to be replaced and trained, and the possibility for compensation claim is high.

What McCue would like to say is that there is no point in ruining the credibility and future of your company when there are rack protections available that can save you from such incidents and situations.

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