HiMAX Technology Grows Bigger and Stronger

HiMAX Technology Grows Bigger and Stronger

The Flexi HiMAX, Narrow Aisle Ltd’s high bay articulated warehouse truck technology-based intralogistics solution, has had a great year with the volume of installations doubling in the UK and the global sales increasing significantly.

The HiMAX was developed so that it can be used in high bay warehouses that require fast throughput capability and narrow aisle storage density. It allows pallet loads to be stacked between 12 and 15 metres high without the need for ‘super flat’ floors or aisle guidance systems. For the logistics industry it has become the ideal alternative to the traditional VNA trucks and rail guided crane systems.

“The man-up VNA truck has been a feature of warehouse operations for nearly four decades but, it is increasingly recognized that it is not cost effective to elevate the warehouse worker to the goods for applications where full pallet loads are being picked,” explained John Maguire, Commercial Director of Narrow Aisle Ltd.

The HiMAX system is quicker and more cost effective to install, while the throughput speeds are equivalent or superior to the VNA technology. Operators find the system safe and straightforward, especially now when many complementary ‘cobotic’ systems are available, such as laser height selectors, CCTV systems, and aisle sensing systems.

“Warehouse operators are increasingly looking for handling solutions for their high bay stores that are faster to plan and implement in existing high bay buildings than traditional man-up VNA or expensive crane technology and the HiMAX ticks all their boxes,” added John Maguire.

He concludes by saying that the HiMAX range of articulated lift truck solutions has a ‘disruptive’ effect, which, for him, “disruption in a business sense means you have set an agenda that other people have to follow.” The stacker crane and man-up VNA industry have something to fear of, especially when HiMAX is becoming so popular.

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