CHEP Launches New Generation FLC1210 Container

CHEP Launches New Generation FLC1210 Container

CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions, the global leader in container pooling solutions in the automotive supply chain, is launching a new generation foldable large container (FLC) with a 1200 x 1000mm footprint.

Continual solutions and product innovation is a key focus for CHEP as a leader in supply chain optimization. Developed in partnership with its customers and supply chain partners, the high quality inter-stackable container has been specifically designed to improve supply chain efficiencies.

The enhanced folding ratio saves up to 30% space when empty and by increasing load capacity from 500 to 650 kilograms, this means fewer trucks on the road – saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition, the FLC has been designed for single operator use, with large drop down doors improving access, creating operational efficiencies and the simple folding system means that you can assemble or fold down the unit in any order, saving time and money

The new CHEP FLC comes with smooth walls and provides a fully enclosing lid, significantly reducing water and dust accumulation, further protecting the valuable loads. Both new features enhance the container for use in clean room environments which essentially improve the transport quality. CHEP’s new FLC is RFID enabled, so you can track the unit and the goods across the entire supply chain.

“The needs of our customers and the market are continuously evolving, and as the global leader in automotive pooling solutions, we need to respond quickly to these changes. We want to make sure that we find solutions to our customers’ problems that create real value,” explains David Mayo, Vice President Automotive Europe at CHEP.

CHEP will convert the existing FLC pool to the new container generation container as part of a rollover progamme planned over the coming years. The new FLC’s are fully compatible to stack with the current units, enabling continued service throughout customer production processes and their supply chains.


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