Certas Fuelling Businesses From Thurrock Bunker

Certas Fuelling Businesses From Thurrock Bunker

Positioned in a key location for hauliers and HGVs using the M25 and A13 thoroughfares, Certas Energy has reopened its new and improved Silwood Depot refuelling facility on the Riverside Estate, West Thurrock.  Following significant on-site investment, Silwood Depot now offers 12 multi-product fill‑points (pumping derv, gas oil or Ad Blue) with increased pump speeds for faster refuelling, plus 24‑hour availability to enable HGVs to refuel all day, every day.

Located on Riverside Estate, Oliver Close, West Thurrock, Silwood Depot the bunker facility now benefits from technological and structural developments including:

  • New card readers, offering greater reliability (Keyfuels, UK Fuels, AS24 and IDS fuel cards accepted);
  • Full refurbishment of the fuel tanks including cleaning and repainting;
  • Longer reach hoses;
  • Improved pump speed;
  • Additional pumps (four), now 12 available;
  • New CCTV suite.

Andrew Goodwin, Sales & Operations Manager, said: “Thurrock is our flagship bunkering facility.  With a storage capacity of 230,000 litres, and 12 multi-product fuelling points, we offer security of supply to our customers – primary fleet managers and large business fuel users – to ensure their vehicles stay fuelled and on the road.  We recognise that fuel cards are a necessity for fleet managers to keep their vehicles refuelled, so we supply a range of fuel cards and accommodate all of the major fuel cards to make life easier for our customers. In addition, we promote our own Certas Energy fuel card which we incentivise customers to use with a 1 pence per litre saving when using their card at Thurrock!

“Safety is our first priority. With our site operational 24 hours a day, we’ve taken extra measures to ensure customers are safe at all times, with state-of-the-art surveillance and electronic monitoring facilities to check stock levels and transactions, which creates a secure environment for drivers using the pumps.”

Gary Brown, Driver Trainer from bulk distributor, Reynolds Logistics, commented, “We have 25 drivers using the Facility at Thurrock, drawing on average 2,600 litres a day (13,000 a week).  The location of the bunkering facility in Thurrock is particularly convenient, just a two minute drive from our own depot.  Like a number of other haulage or distribution companies located in this part of London, we rely on our fleet being fuelled quickly and easily to go about our business.  All of our drivers are allocated a fuel card, which makes the refuelling process smoother and stress-free for all involved.”

The flagship Bunker facility has been designed with all users in mind, from national fleet operators to self-employed drivers, accommodating fuel cards from Key Fuels, UK Fuels, AS24, IDS and its own Certas Energy fuel card.  The Certas Energy fuel card provides detailed vehicle fuel usage reports and competitive prices on diesel, AdBlue and gas oil, to help operators monitor consumption and manage costs.

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