Significant Customer Donation to Whistl Ukrainian Appeal

Significant Customer Donation to Whistl Ukrainian Appeal

Employees from Whistl, the UK’s leading logistics specialists in e-fulfilment, mail and parcels began an internal appeal in late February for items that could be sent to Ukraine to help with the humanitarian crisis developing within the country.

Since the launch, sites from across the Whistl Group have collated pallet loads of items and sent them to the London Ukrainian Appeal in London.

After seeing the appeal, a customer of Whistl offered 70 pallets of PPE equipment to add to the Whistl initiative, including face masks, sanitiser, gloves and anti-bac wipes. The donation was from Reza Choudhury, Managing Director of Rainham-based Reliance Worldwide.

Support Ukraine, the charity partner commented: “We thank you for offering your help in such difficult times for the Ukrainian people.”

CEO Alistair Cochrane said: “It’s fantastic to see so many Whistl employees across the company look to assists the Ukrainian people with so much generosity. I would like to offer my thanks to all who have been involved really showing the Whistl ‘Can do, spirit.”

Whistl is a £820m+ revenue, delivery management company that provides mail, parcels, leaflet advertising, fulfilment and contact centre services in the UK and internationally. Headquartered in Marlow, the Whistl group of companies operate across the UK, and handles in excess of 3.6bn items a year.

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