DeliveryApp - The ultimate tech courier innovator?

DeliveryApp - The ultimate tech courier innovator?

DeliveryApp – The courier service industry is facing an unprecedented number of challenges. From the setbacks caused by last-mile delivery to all the potential post-delivery issues, the innovation needed to overcome these battles is seemingly never ending. 

The pandemic changed things for many industries, continually throwing new challenges in their path, all of which needed solutions finding and fast. Whilst many industries have returned to their pre-covid routines or as close to them as possible. The same cannot be said for companies engaged in logistic solutions. 

E-commerce businesses saw a huge, and understandable, boom during the pandemic. People who may not previously have ordered online started to do so and are enjoying the convenience that next day or even same day gave them have continued. 

The delivery industry was worth £11.8 billion in 2019, a figure which rose to £25.1 billion by 2021, rather than returning to pre-covid levels it has continued to rise as the world has opened up and is expected to reach around £30 billion by 2025. 

The issues faced by courier companies

Whilst this sustained growth is fantastic news for courier companies, it is not without its issues. Customers want the same convenience of popping to the shops and getting what they want immediately, but with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their sofa. This means next day delivery, or where possible same day delivery. 51% of online retailers already offer same day delivery with 65% saying that this is a service they will offer in the next two years. 

This means that courier companies will be in demand more than ever. Of course, the more parcels there are to deliver to customers all over the UK, the more of a requirement a courier company will have for tech innovations that will assist them with features such as efficient route mapping, PODs and the right GPS solutions to allow drivers to make appropriate detours to avoid traffic issues and even all of the admin benefits that good software can offer. 

Is Using the Same Courier As Everyone Else The Answer?

The more deliveries a courier company handles, the more potential there is for problems, and the obvious fallout is of course dissatisfaction with the service. This can come from the retailer using the courier company and the person waiting for a delivery. In the UK, a staggering 49 out of the 100 largest online retailers use the same courier company for deliveries, a situation that can certainly test even the best technological solutions and lead to dissatisfied customers.

Another issue facing courier companies arises when a purchaser has previously had issues with parcels being delayed or going missing – it can actually put them off using a retailer who only ships with that courier. If a retailer loses too many customers as a result of this, they may be forced to take their business elsewhere. 

Innovative Tech Can Drive the Change

Industry disruptor, DeliveryApp, are looking to become the solution to all of these problems. Their app will not only help with all of these issues but will also provide couriers with a solution that will assist them with regular and prompt pay, clear pricing and even mapping services – all of which will be free within the app. 

While no one solution will solve traffic issues, unexpected delays in the supply chain and some of the extra problems that emerge within the industry, it’s crystal clear that innovative technology like this will help to achieve a better delivery experience for retailers and customers alike.

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