Busiest day for Royal Mail in pre-Christmas rush

Busiest day for Royal Mail in pre-Christmas rush

Millions of cards, letters and parcels are being sorted as Royal Mail tackles its busiest day.

The Nottingham Mail Centre was expecting to deal with 2.8 million items of post alone on December 14 as part of the Christmas rush.

Across the country, around 120,000 Royal Mail postmen and women will be joined by 19,000 temporary staff to deal with the influx over the festive period.

Jess King, delivery office manager at the Nottingham site which deals with post for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, said Christmas was her favourite time of the year.

She added: “We are as busy as we have ever been.

“There’s always going to be a level of pressure because we want to make sure we deliver a good service, but everyone understands at Christmas time they need to go the extra mile, work that little bit harder and everyone comes together to make sure that we deliver that.”

Postman Owen Riley, who works with his father Steven, said: “It’s a really good time of year, there’s lots of cheer inside the office and the customers are coming out and are so thankful for the parcels that they’re receiving, so it’s good.”

Royal Mail said national figures on how many items of post are handled in December would be available in a trading update next month.

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