Schoeller Allibert Launches Sustainable Pallet Box

Schoeller Allibert Launches Sustainable Pallet Box

Schoeller Allibert, a market leader in sustainable returnable logistics packaging, is set to launch a new eco-friendly pallet box solution made from recycled fishing nets. Produced and named in collaboration with global nonprofit organisation, Waste Free Oceans, the WFO OceanIX underlines Schoeller Allibert’s commitment to the sustainable circular economy.

The WFO OceanIX will arrive after two and a half years of research and development. Reacting to the launch, Schoeller Allibert UK’s strategic sales and marketing director Jon Walkington said: “We have a proud tradition of pallet boxes that last for decades before they are returned to be fully recycled. The WFO OceanIX is the next logical step on this journey – a pallet box that is made from recycled waste pulled from the ocean, and is itself fully recyclable.

“Our partnership with WFO has been a fruitful one as we fight the marine litter situation in our oceans together. We would encourage our industry colleagues to make this leap with us and help us to build a truly circular economy. A green supply chain is possible by making plastic packaging too good to waste.”

The WFO OceanIX is made almost entirely using recycled fishing nets, using only a minimal amount of virgin plastic. Fishing nets are a particularly common but hazardous form of ocean waste as they can easily entangle and harm ocean life, seriously disrupting undersea ecosystems.

Walkington added: “WFO has been doing great work for over ten years now, cleaning up our oceans by pushing waste back into the value chain. As we believe this sustainable, circular approach to waste is the only path to a brighter future, they were the perfect partners for this project.”

The WFO OceanIX will receive a limited launch as part of Schoeller Allibert Belgium’s 25th anniversary celebrations. It is expected to attract keen interest from logistics companies and brands looking to improve sustainability in their supply chain.

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