Forklift Battery Management System Advantages

Forklift Battery Management System Advantages

The Warehouse Systems Division from Narrow Aisle Ltd has just launched a new intelligent forklift truck battery management system called Flexi Easi-Change. The main advantage of it is that it minimises truck fleet running costs and the fleet users of battery-powered Flexi articulated trucks can benefit from further operational efficiency.

The Easi-Change system makes sure that electric powered Flexi articulated truck fleets require the fewest number of battery units in order to operate, while reducing the amount of time and man power needed in the process of changing the battery. It is also easier to place in a warehouse, taking less space than regular chargers and it offers safer charging regimes and longer battery service life.
The system allows two forklift batteries to be charged at the same time, while the Wi-Fi that links the units monitors the availability of the next fully charged and cooled battery. Once the process is completed, the Flexi operator can use a dedicated stacker truck that facilitates a quick and simple battery changeover.

Additionally, this process can be done by a single lift truck operator in less than five minutes, guided by the ‘call forward’ alert technology that helps him choose the most appropriate battery when change is due.

The battery charging system features specially developed electrolyte circulation and microprocessor regulated technology that ensure fast and gentle charging, resulting in lower energy costs, higher battery availability, and longer battery life expectancy.

Furthermore, Easi-Change was also designed to stop truck operators from partly charging a battery while still on the truck.

“‘Opportunity charging’ dramatically reduces a battery’s life span and can be dangerous,” says John Maguire, Commercial Director at Narrow Aisle. “So the Easi-Change has been designed to give distribution centre managers the option to make ‘opportunity charging’ impossible to perform should they wish to. Instead they can adopt a ‘change on demand’ concept because with Easi-Change a fully charged battery is always available.”

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