Jungheinrich Proves A Cunning Choice For Fox’s Pallets

Jungheinrich Proves A Cunning Choice For Fox’s Pallets

Fox’s Pallets recently acquired three Jungheinrich DFG 316 forklift trucks. This is the latest chapter in Jungheinrich’s successful long-term relationship with the Kettering-based nationwide pallet supplier.

Part of Jungheinrich’s extensive range of ic-engined counterbalance forklift trucks, this diesel engined DFG 316 has a 1.6 tonne capacity and a lift height from its standard mast of 2900 to 7500 mm.

The trucks are on a 5-year contract hire deal and replace Fox’s existing Jungheinrich units, which had come to the end of their contract. This is Fox’s third 5-year contract renewal with Jungheinrich, which is a tremendous endorsement of the quality and reliability of the manufacturer’s forklift trucks and its service.

Fox’s Pallets is a family run business. It operates to the highest standard and prides itself on being able to offer the best service at a good price. Established for over 50 years, Fox’s main business is the supply and distribution of pallets. In recent years the company has broadened its business from supplying basic wooden pallets to now supplying a huge range to meet all delivery needs from food to heavy-duty materials. It supplies pallets for various types of industries including the food industry, logistics, electronics and packaging. Fox’s has also expanded into the thriving waste management sector, providing roll-on, roll-off skips on site for recycling plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, general waste and wood waste. The operation has expanded – particularly in the thriving waste management division.

Hardly surprising then that Fox’s 2.5-acre site at Kettering has a busy yard. The company operates a pallet collection service for orders from 50 to 50,000 pallets and holds stock of up to 30,000 pallets. With the company operating a same day / next day free delivery service, there are plenty of loading and unloading movements for its fleet of four forklift trucks.

“We have operated two trucks from Jungheinrich on a year contract over the last ten years and have an extra truck under the latest contract,” said Arthur Fox, who heads Fox’s Pallets. “We also operate a truck from another manufacturer but, in contrast, it has been nothing but trouble. “

The Jungheinrich trucks are used for loading and unloading lorries in the yard, 7am to 5pm six days a week and need to be unloaded / loaded quickly. “The 1.6 tonne capacity is a great size truck for our needs,” says Fox.

Fox cites reliability as a key benefit of Jungheinrich’s truck. “We never have any breakdowns,” he says. “If we do need a part, somebody from Jungheinrich arrives within a couple of hours. The manufacturer of our other truck took 5 days to replace a battery.”

The drivers at Fox’s Pallets also hold the Jungheinrich trucks in the highest regards. Fox says: “I could get a cheaper truck from another supplier but you get what you pay for and for our experienced drivers, who have worked here for 15-20 years, the Jungheinrich truck is the firm favourite. They dislike driving any other lift truck.”

Fox concludes: “The fact that we have continued our relationship with Jungheinrich for so long is because the trucks are so reliable. Over the course of this partnership we have had around a dozen trucks from other suppliers but they remain onsite for no longer than a couple of days. Our drivers will try them out but they soon want to get off and back onto the Jungheinrich trucks. We are more than happy to stay with Jungheinrich due to the quality of its equipment and the service backup.”

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