Innovation Centre to Eliminate Pallet Stability Issues

Innovation Centre to Eliminate Pallet Stability Issues

Lindum Packaging, the UK’s leading expert on pallet stability and wrapping, has officially launched its Innovation Centre, which will provide offsite solutions that will solve the pallet stability issues. The £250k facility replicates its customers’ packaging operations and in-transit conditions without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

Pallet stability issues cost companies thousands of pounds in lost sales every year, but the early customer trials operated by Lindum have shown excellent results. For example, one customer was able to dispatch 60 tubs on a pallet instead of 48, saving them £1 million per year through transport and efficiency gains.

Moreover, by trialling and proving the case for switching to a recycled content stretch film, Lindum has also reduced a global brewer’s virgin plastic consumption by 2,106kg per year, reduced their carbon equivalent emissions by 4,739kg and removed 471kg of pallet roll cores from their requirements.

Working in collaboration with Lindum’s Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab, the Innovation Centre is the first of its kind to identify and solve the problems that cause movement in transport (MIT) issues. With 750 million pallet journeys a year, MIT issues affect 11% of these journeys, leading to 82.5 million pallets arriving at their destination with some damage every year. An issue that results in huge product and financial losses for businesses.  

“With the Mobile Pallet Stability Test Lab and Innovation Centre, we can show our customers exactly what they need to do to ensure that their products get from their factory to their customer in the best condition. We go beyond highlighting where customers have problems with goods getting damaged in transit and diagnose and treat the root cause to prevent the problem from arising in the future. Whether they’re looking to minimise the amount of stock that gets written off, or to prove the business case for investing in new pallet wrapping machinery, we can give our customers real, tangible results,” said Rick Sellars, Sales Manager of Lindum Packaging.

Customers who are facing pallet stability issues can send a problem pallet to Lindum who will trial multiple solutions to give scientifically accurate, data-backed results to diagnose the root problem and advise on changes to production and packaging lines.  

Changes and adjustments to the pallet can now be made inside the Innovation Centre, rather than being trialled by the customer. The centre is equipped with semi-automatic pallet wrapping equipment and a range of different gauge films, anti-slip sheets and protective tertiary packaging materials.

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