BYD New Line of European Lift Trucks

BYD New Line of European Lift Trucks

BYD Auto Co Ltd the Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Shaanxi Province has been rolling out it’s European BYD lift trucks across Europe. The company’s principal activity is the design, development, manufacture and distribution of passenger cars and buses sold under the BYD brand however this new range of forklifts is a welcome addition to any warehouse. BYD’s exceptional range of forklifts are now on sale in across Europe. With talks also saying that the product range will be radically expanded in future too.

The pieces were first shown at the CeMAT 2014 and since then the new and exciting range of Iron-Phosphate Battery powered forklifts are now available across Europe from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland. Introductions to France are planned to be made in the second half of 2016.

BYD Europe has made sure to select only those with a strong track record in materials handling technology and customer care, the providers that have been chosen by BYD must have the correct resources with the appropriate support and technical expertise needed to

The BYD sales network is set to have a dramatic expansion in future too, it will be greatly extended in the near future. There are plans to increase the range into counterbalance trucks, tow trucks, reach trucks and higher capacity counterbalance forklift trucks (5 to 8 tons).

BYD are hoping to release well  over 50 different models of trucks throughout Europe and further afield. The company hopes to provide end users with all the truck variants they may ever need and also making BYD Europe a truly full-range, one-stop-shop supplier of top-quality materials handling equipment.

The company seems excited to take advantage on their new battery technology and have put their designs forward for a handful of awards. The trucks are now in sale across Europe and are just the beginning of an exploration into the industry for BYD.

The company hopes to establish a substantial amount of trucks and variants to meet all needs for consumers and end users.  Their entire line of warehouse trucks will use the very substantial benefits of BYD’s Iron-Phosphate Battery technology.

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