White paper - advanced warehouse automation

White paper - advanced warehouse automation

Invar Group, a leading UK-based independent software developer and integrator of advanced warehouse automation, has launched a white paper that discusses the challenges ahead for logistics and fulfilment, as well as potential solutions. According to the paper, businesses should learn how to capitalise on advanced warehouse automation, intelligent software and AI driven robotics.

“The warehouse is undergoing a huge transformation, from repository to fulfilment powerhouse, but there are risks to growth that need to be addressed. Robotics, AI and digitalisation hold the key to boosting capacity,” explained Craig Whitehouse, Managing Director at Invar Group, the authors of the report.

“Immediacy is now a commercial imperative. Sales can be won or lost on availability, speed of despatch and proximity to the customer. Short lead-times and late cut-offs play a decisive role in winning and retaining customers ­– and margins, along with brand reputation, can be enhanced or diminished by the speed and efficiency with which returns are processed and refunds managed,” Craig continued.

A major challenge for those working in fulfilment is supporting and enabling the future growth of their businesses and, mitigating costs, may be one of the biggest issues for most businesses. Significant structural change within the labour market, following Brexit and the pandemic, together with a constricted warehouse property market, where availability is low and rents high, has placed a great number of companies under intense pressure. Indeed, it is extremely difficult for the fulfilment sector to gear-up effectively for growth when labour and space are hard to come by and costs for both are rising sharply.

The white paper identifies and addresses key influences on the sector, including rising costs, labour availability, supply anxiety and the great space shortage, the wider impact of ecommerce, the challenge to support growth, the rise of the robot, advances in simulation, and digital transformation of the warehouse.

Headquartered in Cranfield UK, Invar Group is focused on delivering complete turnkey warehouse automation solutions using advanced technologies such as industrial robotics, AMR goods-to-person solutions, pick-to-light technology, sortation systems, as well as conventional warehouse automation. Invar Group has supplied systems to many of the world’s leading brands, such as SuperDry, Games Workshop, Bentley, Coca Cola, and Nike.

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