DX Group invests in depot upgrades

DX Group invests in depot upgrades

Parcel, freight and secure courier specialist DX Group is investing £3.6 million into upgrading its existing depot network. The programme is part of DX Group’s wider growth plans and is expected to be completed by early July 2023.

In the DX Freight division, which specialises in the delivery of irregular dimension and weight items, upgrades are under way or have been completed at depots in Exeter, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Plymouth, and Thatcham. DX has installed new raised docks, expanded loading areas, and made energy efficiency improvements.

Meanwhile, in the DX Express division, which handles documents and parcels, major upgrades have been made at Gatwick and at the national hub in Nuneaton. These include additional mechanisation as well as environmental initiatives.

“We have ambitious growth plans and the significant investment we are making in our depot network – both in new and existing sites – will underpin continued growth and improvements to customer service and operational efficiencies,” said Mark Hammond, DX Group Executive Chairman.

“Our depot upgrade programme is well under way across both our divisions, DX Freight and DX Express, and we are on course to complete around £3.6 million of investment in existing depots by early July 2023, with additional substantial investment going into new depot openings at the same time,” he added.

DX is in the second year of a major three-year investment programme, which is anticipated to invest between £20 million to £25 million across the group. This investment includes expanding the depot network, vehicles, parcel handling equipment, and IT.

DX Group opened eight new depots over its last financial year, and by the end of its current financial year, in July 2023, the Group expects to have opened a further eight new sites.

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