UKWA Damning Report for the Future of Food Logistics in London

UKWA Damning Report for the Future of Food Logistics in London

UKWA have forecast a damning report of the food logistics industry at the 2016 FoodEx exhibition. The study commissioned by UKWA was delivered by Global 78, explored issues in the food industry and discussed the challenges ahead for food industry logistics in and around London.

Feeding London 2030 was released at the 2016 FoodEx exhibition and it offers valuable insights and keys challenges ahead. Peter Ward, the CEO of UKWA and Andrew Morgan the author of report held a seminar on the key findings and talk about the future of the industry.

The report is not all damning though, the report also suggests strategies to combat the issues and discusses the needed for potential solutions. Stating how stretched the food and drink supply chain is in London, Andrew Morgan warned it will not be fit to maintain the needs of London long term.

Trends have changed in the way food and drink is consumed in the capital, the changing populations and infrastructure is already seeing issues. The challenges facing food and drink manufacturers, logistics companies are tasked with navigating a challenging task of delivering food safely, on time and in a manner that is not overtly costly.

Morgan stated that the food industry has been reactive in the approach to consumer demands for too long. Stating this report gave retailers and others in the industry, logisitic partners have missed out on leading the trends. This report could stand to provide a chance to logistic managers to identify and discovery future trends.

Peter Ward stating that all who were already in the industry would already be well acquainted with the increasing difficulties of navigating the logistics in London. Stating this study brings together all the facts in a single report offering support and valuable intelligence for the future of forward planning for the industry.

The report will be available on the 15th of May.

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