Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transportation

Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transportation

Thermo King, a leader in transport temperature control solutions, has partnered up with VTS Transport & Logistics, a specialist in temperature controlled pharmaceutical transport and warehouse services, to share their knowledge and best practice at the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) conference and exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic.

In their presentation, the companies raised awareness on the importance of real time visibility of temperatures in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products and offered a demonstration on how to ensure a compliant transportation of medical components to the manufacturing facility and the finished products from the facility to distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and other retailers.

“We’ve worked together with VTS for many years and we’re thankful for being their trusted partner. Their fleet works with our full portfolio of truck and trailer refrigeration units and is equipped with additional solutions like the integrated asset

management systems. This protects shipments by establishing critical controls at all points in the supply chain and offer real-time tracking, monitoring and fleet management beyond incident response,” said Peter Wilms, Pharma Solutions specialist at Thermo King.

VTS has recently upgraded its refrigerator fleet with the latest SLXi trailer refrigeration units that deliver full visibility of the unit and loads condition, together with Thermo King’s new TK BlueBox communication device and Bluetooth as standard. The TK BlueBox collects and stores data, which enables real-time unit management, as well as the possibility for its users to manage defrost, pre-trip, set point, and additional operating mode settings remotely.

The Thermo King TracKingTM asset management solution uses a web-based telematics system to monitor temperatures, door openings and fuel levels, change set points and operating modes, and respond to alarms, all by using any technology connected to the existing secure network. This allows both VTS and its customers a real-time, 24/7 accessibility and availability of the data.

The latest addition to the VTS fleet of trailer units were the ThermoLiteTM solar panels, designed to maintain a continuous charge and extend the battery life of the reefer.

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