Creed Specifies Carrier Transicold ICELAND TWINCOOL

Creed Specifies Carrier Transicold ICELAND TWINCOOL

Gloucestershire-based Creed Foodservice has specified its first Carrier Transicold ICELAND TWINCOOL engineless refrigeration systems for 12 new DAF LF rigid trucks in a move designed to improve the sustainability of its commercial vehicle fleet.

The new ICELAND undermount units are capable of running on power derived from the truck’s ultra-clean Euro VI diesel engine via Carrier Transicold’s ECO-DRIVE power module, which uses a hydraulic pump connected to the truck engine’s power take-off. The variable displacement pump drives a generator, which delivers electrical power to the unit, providing 100% refrigeration capacity even at standard idle speed – a frequent occurrence on the congested urban routes Creed Foodservice operates out of its Gloucestershire, Ilkeston and High Wycombe depots.

In addition, removing the need for a separate diesel engine for the refrigeration unit significantly helps to reduce emissions, making the new vehicles as efficient as possible.

The ICELAND system is also an undermount unit, which means it can be serviced and maintained from ground level, reducing the need to work at height and, thereby, creating a safer working environment. As the system is not situated above the cab, it also improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics, which has an additional positive impact on fuel efficiency.

The ICELAND unit operates below the PIEK-compliant noise level of 60 dB(A), even at 100% capacity, which contributes to significantly quieter operations – ideal for Creed Foodservice’s urban deliveries.

The new vehicles will be on the road six days a week and will cover an average of 80,000 kilometres a year, delivering chilled and frozen produce on multi-drop routes to its broad range of customers throughout the UK.

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