CoolKit Supports Burnley Project with Mercedes Vito

CoolKit Supports Burnley Project with Mercedes Vito

CoolKit have converted the Mercedes Vito panel van into a refrigerated vehicle. Created with the help of their supplier GAH, the van was donated to a community foodbank and it will be used to deliver food to school breakfast clubs, refugees and other causes. It will also collect donations of surplus stock and food nearing its best before date from shops and transport them to the warehouse.

The Burnley Community Kitchen project has been set up by Burnley FC In the Community and it is based at the former J3 clothing shop in Market Square. It will feature a supermarket-style foodbank, community café, discount sportswear shop and library, as well as provide cookery classes.

“It’s a pleasure to be involved with such a worth project. As ‘friends of Burnley FC In The Community’ we have decided to announce this project as our charity of the year,” said Loredana Emmerson, Marketing Manager at CoolKit. “Throughout the year staff will be taking part in several events, raising money towards this one goal, as well as the chance to volunteer some of their time to work at the site and interact with the community.”

Shaun O’Farrell, Refrigeration Director at GAH, explained the company’s decision to support the project: “When GAH were made aware of CoolKit’s commitment to make a difference we did not hesitate in getting involved and with the weight of Burnley FC behind the project, we could immediately see this was a charity opportunity which would actually make a difference.”

Paul France, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Burnley FC in the Community, thanked CoolKit and other businesses such as Calico, Community Re-Paint, Quorn, Warburtons and Bright LED for their support towards the project.

“Twenty of Burnley’s 27 wards are classed as socially deprived, with some of the highest levels of childhood obesity and children suffer from ‘holiday hunger’ when they don’t get free school meals,” said Paul France. “The power of Burnley FC’s brand opens doors and makes a difference. The supermarket-style foodbank will offer people dignity and choice rather than just a food hamper.”

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