CoolKit Is the 'Refrigerated Panel Van of the Year'

CoolKit Is the 'Refrigerated Panel Van of the Year'

At the 2018 TCS&D Awards, CoolKit managed to retain the title of ‘Refrigerated Panel Van of the Year’. This is the second year that CoolKit has been awarded the title, which recognises companies and individuals who have made a difference in the temperature-controlled storage and distribution industry.

“It was an honour to have been awarded the title for the second year in a row. We are delighted to have been recognised once again by the judges at TCS&D, who clearly recognise the work we put into our products,” said CoolKit’s Sales Director Cameron Javed, who attended the ceremony.

“We would like to dedicate this award to our growing customer base and our dedicated workforce. Our enthusiastic staff are passionate about our product range and have helped us to build and evolve the business. We also feel that it is extremely important for us to source feedback from our customers. They are the users of our products and they shape the way we evolve what we do,” Cameron added.

The pioneering company has also secured this year sole rights to distribute the range of insulated and temperature-controlled containers produced by the Italian manufacturer Melform in the UK and Ireland. These containers offer clients across a wide range of sectors even more flexibility when it comes to transporting perishable goods safely.

Furthermore, CoolKit has applied the same focus on its work environment, securing the 2015 version of the coveted ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) standard. The company achieved 100% during the latest inspection.

The awards ceremony was held at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, on the 13th of September. The judges within the category were looking for consistent high-quality build standards linked with innovation and value for money. They praised CoolKit for their continued improvements and willingness to answer the industry requirements.

“We would be unable to achieve greatness and 100% customer satisfaction without a great team of people within the business and it is a real pleasure to take the trophy back to the office. Thank you TCS&D for making us the industry-leaders in refrigerated vehicles,” concluded Cameron.

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