Lorry Drivers to Protest Against “Inhumane” Conditions

Lorry Drivers to Protest Against "Inhumane" Conditions at the Port of Liverpool

Lorry drivers are planning to stage a protest at the port of Liverpool in a row over toilet and catering facilities. The hauliers describe conditions as “inhumane” with a lack of adequate services for drivers at the end of often long journeys. The protest will take place next Friday morning outside the main entrance to […]

Unite Union Blasts ‘Inadequate’ Facilities For Kent Lorry Drivers

Unite union has criticised the state of facilities for lorry drivers across the UK – highlighting a particular concern for those passing through Kent. In a statement released today, the union called for a statutory, legally-binding code of practice so drivers have adequate parking and eating facilities, decent showers and toilets. Commenting on transport minister […]

Lorry driver pulled over for watching YouTube

Lorry driver pulled over for watching YouTube at the wheel

You’d hope that lorry driver ‘s concentrate on the road, given that they’re driving several tons of metal around. But unfortunately, we all know that isn’t always the case. Like when this driver was pulled over on the motorway yesterday, and police realised he was watching YouTube on a tablet balanced on the dashboard. The […]

Residents’ frustration at lorry drivers continues

Residents' frustration as lorry drivers continue to ignore width restriction signs

LORRY drivers who ignore width restriction signs on a narrow country lane have been causing a headache for villagers as the road often has to be closed to help lorries which have become stuck. The tiny lane connects the main Hoarwithy to Hereford road with the Carey road and has width restriction signs of two […]