Residents' frustration at lorry drivers continues

Residents' frustration at lorry drivers continues

LORRY drivers who ignore width restriction signs on a narrow country lane have been causing a headache for villagers as the road often has to be closed to help lorries which have become stuck.

The tiny lane connects the main Hoarwithy to Hereford road with the Carey road and has width restriction signs of two metres.

But HGV drivers often ignore these and follow their Sat Navs and become stuck on the bank.

Just two weeks ago a lorry became stuck and was there overnight before assistance could arrive to remove the lorry.

Ann Meredith, who lives in the lane at the point where the latest lorry became stuck, said: “The driver completely ignored the ‘Not Suitable for HGV vehicles’ sign and even when he could see that he could not get down the lane proceeded to try.

“He was wedged between our house and the bank the other side of the road overnight. This is not the first time that this has happened.”

She said they had to move their cattle as the lorry managed to rip out stakes from the field hedge.

Her daughter, Rebecca, said: “If I am home I usually spend a lot of time helping people get their HGVs and artics out. I know now how to direct them to get them to turn the right way.”

She said it is a regular occurrence and all residents who live in the lane have become fed up with the situation.

She added: “There are signs either way. But they still come down the road. Most of them take about two hours to get them out.”

And Rebecca said it is since the birth of Sat Navs that the problems started.

The road they should take is just the next turn.

Police spokesman, Holly Claydon-Bevan, said: “We have recently had this concern raised by a local resident. A colleague from our Safer Roads Team will be contacting the resident, visiting the area and looking into what can be done to improve the location.

“Police will also be working with our partner agencies to address the issue and we would encourage any residents who have seen oversized vehicles on this road to please report it to us.” Call police on 101.

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