DeliveryApp – The ultimate tech courier innovator?

DeliveryApp – The courier service industry is facing an unprecedented number of challenges. From the setbacks caused by last-mile delivery to all the potential post-delivery issues, the innovation needed to overcome these battles is seemingly never ending.  The pandemic changed things for many industries, continually throwing new challenges in their path, all of which needed […]

The Skills SMEs Need to Capitalise

As the ever-changing logistics industry continues to transform, one of the major changes emerging is the scope for smaller players to step up and act as intermediaries. Increasingly large companies’ ‘one size fits all’ approach struggles with local presence. Tony Hughes, CEO of global sales, negotiation and communication specialist, Huthwaite International, considers how the impact […]

Retailers Must Disrupt ‘Last Mile Delivery’

Capgemini has launched the findings of its global study that explores how retailer investment in ‘last mile delivery’ – the final leg of the online purchase journey before reaching the customer’s hands – is critical to uncover new revenue streams. The report uncovers the current tension between consumer expectations and modern retail delivery models, revealing […]

A Fresh Approach for Modern Grocery Warehouses

As one of the most repeatable, well-understood, and mature supply chains across all industries, the grocery supply chain has mastered predictable processes around every conceivable aspect of warehouse operations as grocers operate around unusually razor-thin profit margins. Not surprisingly, grocery DCs have increasingly embraced automation to help reduce labour-intensive manual work and increase overall efficiency […]

Dematic Launches Solution for Faster E-Commerce

A turnkey, automated packing and labelling solution for consolidating and bagging e-commerce orders for dispatch has been launched by Dematic. Working with packaging machine specialist, Adpak, and labelling solutions provider, Logopak, Dematic has developed the intelligent software needed to manage and consolidate orders, print labels and seamlessly integrate the solution with client warehouse management systems […]