Tuffnells Partners with Go Green to Cut Waste

Tuffnells Partners with Go Green to Cut Waste

Tuffnells, the go-to courier for large, bulky shipments within the UK and abroad, has just ended the first month of its new partnership with Go Green. Since the launch of the partnership, over 99% of waste is now diverted from landfill across all depots, compared with 95% in the same period last year.

“Like all businesses, we have a responsibility to work towards a greener future, and this partnership recognises the importance we attach to a long-term, comprehensive and sustainable waste management solution,” said Chris Mansley, Tuffnells’ Network Risk Director, about the partnership. “Partnering with Go Green will help us to achieve our goals more quickly and provide a key next step in our approach to environmental sustainability.”

As part of the deal, Go Green provides waste management services for all 35 Tufnell depots across the UK, which includes delivering best-practice guidance on waste separation and landfill reduction to all Tufnell’s depot teams and the provision of new solutions that will deliver cost savings. Moreover, Go Green also operates a bespoke portal system which provides Tuffnells with transparent and accurate reporting on waste statistics.

Since June 2022, when the partnership first started, Paul Allen, Go Green head of sales, and his team have managed to visit all of Tuffnells’ 33 operational depots, meeting with local depot managers and providing updated guidance. Each location has been provided with waste containers and bespoke signage to ensure waste separation is optimised.

“We are delighted to be appointed as Tuffnells’ national waste management partner. Both businesses share the same common goals in driving innovation and efficiency, with a clear focus on building a long-term sustainable future together,” commented Jon Mimms, Sales Director at Go Green.

“I would like to thank Chris Mansley and David Lavender, and the wider team at Tuffnells for ensuring a smooth transition during the roll-out period, which has enabled us to demonstrate our immediate value. I look forward to developing our working relationship for many years to come,” he concluded.

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