Recycling right way to drive efficiency & cut costs

Recycling right way to drive efficiency & cut costs

RCP – With 75% of warehouse and logistics businesses facing pressure from customers to improve the sustainability of their operations, there’s never been a better time to invest in waste management systems. Despite 80% of businesses in the sector having goals and targets in place to support environmental programmes, after talking to many leaders in the sector, it’s clear that often they don’t know where to start when it comes to the multiple areas in their facilities. Although different zones requiring different solutions can seem daunting especially when considering budgets, one area that needn’t be is the implementation of recycling solutions.  Now is the time to get ahead and consider the commercial and environmental implications of poor waste management before the even busier period hits, but where do you start?


The shop floor of a warehouse is the beating heart of the business. With tonnes of waste being moved on an hourly basis, waste management solutions must be designed to handle high volumes, face tough demands and be visible, employing a colour-coded system to further support separation – take the Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ (RCP) iconic BRUTE® container for example.  

For three quarters of managers, maintaining productivity is also a concern, and with almost 3,000 hours of labour lost every year due to poor productivity practices, what could inefficiency be costing your business? Injury is a real risk, with over half (58%) of workers suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, most prevalent within the manufacturing and transportation sectors. By opting for equipment such as the Wheeled BRUTE®, which moves five times more easily, with its ergonomic design you not only prioritise the safety of your staff, but you also protect your bottom line. 


Administrative areas, canteens and staff rooms shouldn’t be forgotten. Here, the need for a system that ensures the effective separation of waste without compromising space is key, helping you maximise your recycling potential and keep landfill costs down. Supporting staff with visible bins that will drive the right behaviour, such as the RCP Slim Jim® Recycling Stations, can be the key to dramatically increasing your recycling rates.


In a bid to fulfil their aspiration of becoming the “greenest delivery service on the planet” DPD, one of Europe’s leading parcel groups, installed modular recycling systems across various sites. The result? Not only did the business recoup their investment within a year but they also took their recycling efficiency rate to over 90% at sites where stations were installed. What’s more, they now divert over 500 tonnes of waste every year to the circular economy rather than going to general waste disposal, saving the organisation 27% of costs. 


In just 90 seconds, you can get an indicative waste and cost savings for your venue using RCP’s free recycling audit tool. Answer just six simple questions to start your journey to better recycling here.

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