GreenFleet Roadshow - On the Road to Net Zero

GreenFleet Roadshow - On the Road to Net Zero

This year GREENFLEET are proud to present to you the A-Z rally. Our 5-day epic showcase of all things EV will take on more miles than ever before… More than 1400 of them! We will begin in the Midlands and then visit towns and cities, from A to Z! Along the way, we will showcase clean energy, including solar, hydro, wind and nuclear…

At the Finish Line of this year’s EV Rally (EVR), and throughout the week, we were constantly being asked “Where are we going next year?” with the “We” part being the participating Teams! The majority have indicated that they will either definitely be involved again in 2024, or at least seriously consider it. Once again, during the Rally, we received calls and emails from more than half a dozen businesses asking if they could enter a team in 2024. What does this tell us? Once again, the EVR worked! We set out to do something NEVER done before… To prove a point… And we have done just that, and then some!

2024 will see us showcase e-mobility with clean energy innovation! A ‘skeleton’ route has been planned, which we fully expect may change a little, but the thoughts are that we begin in the Midlands and set off for Gtr Manchester, then into the Lake District and finish just outside the Scottish border, near Carlisle. Day 2 is across to Gateshead, then south into Yorkshire, finishing near Sheffield. Day 3 sees us head east, with the Rally taking in Norfolk and Suffolk for the first time, including the Gridserve electric forecourt in Norwich. On day 4 we head south towards London, into Surrey and then west towards Devon. And the final day sees us visit eXeter (that’s not a typo!), then head north via Bristol, into the Midlands and seeing us hit the last Checkpoint in Zouch, before heading west to the grandstand finish at the Chester offices of Lex Autolease. The THEME? Remember the days before Google Maps and the old AtoZ maps? The EV Rally will visit towns and cities in alphabetical order! And at the same time, covering more miles than ever before, showcasing clean energy, and also taking us more rural!

Bigger and better than ever, this year GREENFLEETS EV Rally is making a statement, nationally!

By Meliz Hassan – PSI Group Ltd

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