Decarbonisation Collaboration of Scottish Transport

Decarbonisation Collaboration of Scottish Transport

Fleet operators will be supported in their transition to net zero and decarbonisation by new guidance that has just been published. Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution, SP Energy Networks and EV fleet and battery storage specialist Zenobē have worked collaboratively through Scotland’s Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce to produce guidance on how fleet operators can switch to electric by making informed technology choices and working with their network operator. Stakeholders are invited to a webinar to learn more.

The Scottish Government has set world leading targets to end Scotland’s contribution to climate change by 2045 and the transport sector is playing its part. Scottish electricity distribution network operators (DNOs), SSEN and SP Energy Networks, and Zenobē, are working to support operators’ zero carbon ambitions and to build information about fleets to ensure the network is ready.

As fleet operators look to replace their vehicles with greener alternatives, they will need to understand and analyse their current and future electricity and charging infrastructure requirements. To support operators in their decarbonisation journey, Zenobē have published a guide to electric vehicle batteries and battery performance. The DNOs’ guide provides an overview of the engagement, design and connections processes for working with local network operators to enable the charging infrastructure required.

Publication of the Guide for Fleet Operators and Leading the charge: electric vehicle batteries and battery performance for fleet operators has been welcomed by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), which is working to ensure that the four billion journeys made each year by bus and coach in the UK are aligned with net zero targets. The Guides were developed with all fleet operators in mind and are not just for bus and coach operators.

“The Scottish Government’s Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce is accelerating the transition to net zero by creating new partnerships. I am pleased to see yet another important output from the Taskforce through these new guides for operators wanting to making the switch to electric vehicles,” said Minister for Transport, Jenny Gilruth.

“Only through collaboration can we effectively decarbonise fleet with the speed that the climate emergency requires. I welcome the effort made by Scotland’s distribution network operators and Zenobē who are sharing their experience and expertise on vehicle charging to bus and other fleet operators through these new guides.”

SSEN and SP Energy Networks are hosting a webinar on 23rd March 2022 at 10am, that will discuss the published guides, outlining the various charging solutions and smart technology available, the key steps to consider before electrifying a fleet, and sharing case studies of some real-life examples. Fleet owners and other interested stakeholders can sign up to the free event.

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