Xplore Dundee Trials Scottish-Built Electric Bus

Xplore Dundee Trials Scottish-Built Electric Bus

Xplore Dundee is getting a buzz from electric buses once again as Scottish manufacturer Alexander Dennis Ltd is lending the bus operator a new electric Enviro200Ev for a week to test it on the streets of Dundee.

“We believe that electric buses are the future and we were delighted to bring the first one to Dundee when we launched Service 360. Now we’ve got another short-term loan we will be taking a close look at what it can offer and how our customers respond to it,” said Managing Director of Xplore Dundee Christine McGlasson.

“Although electric cars have been around for a while, this technology is relatively new in buses, and it’s very different from the vehicles we already have. So our team are keen to get their hands on this demonstration model electric bus. We’ll be putting it through its paces so we can see what it’s like to drive and maintain,” Christine added.

The ADL Enviro200EV does not have one central “engine”. Electricity from a 307kw battery drives each back wheel separately using 90kw hub motors. The bus can do 160 miles on one AC charge. The lithium-ion iron phosphate battery sits on the roof of the bus and can be fully charged up in under four hours.

It is equipped with cameras instead of side mirrors, offering a wider range of view for the driver. The demonstrator currently in Dundee is hi-spec on the interior too, with plush seating, tables, USB and wireless charging points and phone holders on the backs of most seats.

Customers on board one of these buses will notice a smoother drive, as well as the bus making no engine noise. And of course they can ride easy knowing they are making no emissions at all.

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