Rising Fuel Prices Accelerate Switch to Electric Vehicles

Rising Fuel Prices Accelerate Switch to Electric Vehicles

Half (50%) of UK businesses reliant on fleets to operate have accelerated their transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as spikes in fuel prices continue to hammer diesel-powered vehicle users, according to new research from Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud.

The research, which sought the views of 1,500 operational leaders including 200 in the UK, also reveals 84% of those in the UK’s industrial, manufacturing, and logistics industries see increasing the sustainability of their operations as a “high” or “critical” priority — and 61% will up their investment in sustainability measures in 2022.

The full study, presented in a new 2022 State of Connected Operation Report, reveals an eagerness among UK leaders to make a measurable impact on decarbonisation. Around four in 10 (38%) have already implemented a formal sustainability programme, with a further 59% planning to do this in 2022 to curb emissions.

The figures for the UK echo industry-wide moves across the globe to embrace a shift towards sustainability within industrial, manufacturing, retail, and service supply chains. Key priorities for sustainability programmes over the next five years include:

  • 81% plan to hire leadership personnel to drive forward sustainability initiatives
  • 86% plan to invest more in technology to support more sustainable operations
  • 89% will develop KPIs and quantitative performance targets for sustainability initiatives
  • 87% intend to market their sustainability efforts to customers

“These findings are unequivocable. The logistics and road haulage industry is committed to embracing environmental sustainability, which has been brought into sharp focus with skyrocketing fuel prices and customer pressures. We’re seeing a strong appetite to move to mixed fuel, combining compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric or complete EV adoption,” said Philip van der Wilt, VP & General Manager, Samsara, EMEA.

“Business leaders are turning words into action, putting investment in EVs and environmental sustainability as priorities for 2022. Organisations are setting concrete goals and investing in technology to deliver more sustainable operations,” added Philip van der Wilt.

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