EVbee debuts new Lumina charger & Prisma Energy Hub

EVbee debuts new Lumina charger & Prisma Energy Hub

EVbee debuts new Lumina charger & Prisma Energy Hub at Everything Electric 2024

EVbee, the innovative Dutch EV charger manufacturer, proudly introduces its two new products in partnership with UK distributor Hydra at Everything Electric London. New products include the Prisma Energy Hub, an innovative smart energy management system, and the Lumina AC Public Charger, a highly efficient EV charger available as a wallbox or pedestal.

EVbee heads to Everything Electric in London to showcase its full innovative range of EV charging products for all scenarios. With its exclusive partner, Hydra EVC, EVbee will present their booth at Stand K22 at London ExCeL on 28th-30th March.

In partnership with Hydra EVC, EVbee reveals its Lumina AC Public Charger at Everything Electric 2024. Available as a wallbox or pedestal, the Lumina AC Public Charger quickly charges your EV with a high uptime of 22kW while smart charging features such as dynamic load balancing help reduce energy usage peaks.

The stylish aluminium panel encases the Lumina AC Public Charger, ensuring its design blends appearance, durability, and longevity. Charging management for EV users or station operators is made simple with app integration via 4G, LAN Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC compatibility. Additionally, navigation is simple on the clean, user-friendly built-in touch screen.

Prisma Energy Hub

EVbee also showcases its latest smart energy management solution, the Prisma Energy Hub. This smart energy hub builds on the strong features of EVbee’s existing charging solutions and takes EV charging to the next level, allowing EV users full control over their comprehensive energy ecosystem.

Users can take advantage of off-peak energy charging and choose when they want to charge. This energy can then be stored in the EV battery ready for whenever they want to use it, whether that is by driving the EV, putting on the washing machine and any other home device, or back into the national grid. 

Prisma is a move towards a wider initiative to bring EV charging into the broader energy sector, enhancing users’ charging experience in a more cost-effective and safe way.

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