EV80 Clocks up 600 Zero Emission Miles

EV80 Clocks up 600 Zero Emission Miles

The UK government’s inaugural Green GB Week initiative, organised to showcase the benefits and opportunities clean growth will bring to all parts of society, saw LDV’s EV80 covering 600 zero-emission miles. The initiative raised awareness for and encouraged both businesses and the public to play their part in tackling climate change.

LDV’s EV80 is the official commercial vehicle of the flagship event of Green GB Week, The EV Roadshow. Organised in conjunction with the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and delivered by GreenFleet Events, the EV Roadshow visited the four host city towns of Durham, Nottingham, Bournemouth and Bristol between the 15th and the 19th of October.

An EV80 panel van that travelled between events, together with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, was featured at each Roadshow. The local LDV dealers in each region turned out in force to show their support for the EV Roadshow, providing an EV80 test drive vehicle for members of the public, local businesses and local authorities who were invited to get behind the wheel and experience the benefits of an EV80 for themselves.

Over the course of five days, the EV80 van clocked up 600 zero-emission miles visiting each host city. Starting its journey in Glasgow, prior to being branded for the Roadshow, the EV80 travelled the first leg of the journey, a 168 mile journey to Durham. From there, it was almost 150 miles to Nottingham and a further 200 miles to the Roadshow in Bournemouth. Bristol was the final destination on the Roadshow journey (80 miles) where people turned out in force to check out the very latest in electric and ultra-low emission vehicles, with LDV taking centre stage.

Travelling at an average speed of 60mph and making full use of the radio, lights, heater and wipers, in inclement weather, the EV80 achieved 120 miles on a single charge on each leg of the journey.

EV80 has established itself as the van of choice for environmentally-conscious drivers and is already being trialled by market-leading companies including IKEA, Royal Mail and National Grid, whose criteria for selection are amongst the most stringent in the fleet sector.

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