Breakthrough of Electric Buses Across Denmark

Breakthrough of Electric Buses Across Denmark

Denmark are taking huge steps in electric public transportation via a bid to turn all 20 buses on its municipal bus lines to electric.

The implementation will be fully in operation from April 2019 after the City Council voted for more eco-friendly solutions to public transport. This huge step towards an eco-friendly future makes the Roskilde Municipality the first in Denmark to change an entire fleet to completely electric buses.

Electric buses are significantly less noisy than traditional diesel buses which emits less noise pollution on both long and short journeys.

16,000 electric buses have already been implemented across Shenzhen, China, which in turn has made the city sound and smell much like a smaller city, despite housing an astonishing 12.5million residents.

The new fleet vehicles stand with a 10 year warranty, already an improvement of a previous 6 year warranty for diesel buses, and come from the world’s largest manufacturer of electric buses, Yutong, based in Zhengzhou, China.

30 km West of the Roskilde Municipality, Copenhagen is also making a bid to change their damaging environmental habits of transport, set to implement 41 electric buses from December 2019.

The city’s goal is to replace all buses with electric counterparts by 2030 and with developments moving quickly this aim could be completed as early as 2025.

Electric buses run on 100% electricity, and use synthetic biodiesel (HVO) for heating if outdoor temperatures drop below 5 degrees.

Denmark have been working extensively hard in terms of creating a green future for the country, and the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance are thrilled with the country’s decision to start the process of making transport more energy efficient.


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