Xplore Dundee Backs Living Wage City Bid

Xplore Dundee Backs Living Wage City Bid

Dundee’s main bus operator’s supporting an Action Plan aiming to make Dundee a Living Wage City.  In partnership with Living Wage Scotland and a number of other local employers, Xplore Dundee is helping to launch the bid today (Wednesday 6th March), which will make the city the first in the UK to achieve ‘Living Wage Place’ status.

Xplore Dundee has been an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer since 2016, when the whole of National Express became Britain’s first private transport group to commit to paying our employees the higher, voluntary rate of pay.

“We became a Living Wage employer because we know the difference it makes to our employees and their families. Being part of this initiative to make Dundee a real Living Wage place allows us to do even more, working with other like-minded businesses to transform the city and ensure local people benefit from and have a stake in the local economy,” said Managing Director Christine McGlasson.

The bus company is one of more than 50 Dundee employers which have already voluntarily committed to ensure all their employees and subcontracted staff receive a real Living Wage of £9.00 an hour, significantly higher than the government minimum of £7.83.

As part of the Action Group for the initiative, Xplore Dundee has committed to helping to double the proportion of workers covered by Living Wage accreditation in the city over the next three years.

Dundee is the first city in the UK to be awarded recognition for a plan to become a Living Wage City and will be piloting the approach as part of Living Wage Scotland’s ‘Making Living Wage Places’ scheme, which recognizes and encourages city-level approaches to tackling low pay.

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