Fitness Challenge at a Logistics Firm

Fitness Challenge at a Logistics Firm

The Eldred Group, a South Yorkshire logistics company and a member of Logistics Hub UK, has launched a fitness challenge in memory of its founder, Laurence Eldred, who recently passed away. The company’s aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle among its workforce, by challenging all of its employees to help travel a collective distance of 2,714 miles.

The number represents the distance between Laurence’s favourite holiday destination in Cyprus and the site of the company’s new warehouse in Hexthorpe, Doncaster, which is due to open in March.

“We’ve had an amazing response from the team. A lot of people have really got on board and started to be more activity driven, which is great. We’ve got a lot of people going on runs and walks throughout the week now and that’s what we want to achieve,” said Laurence’s grandson Henry Eldred, sales and marketing specialist at the Eldred Group.

After his grandfather’s dead, he became more aware of his colleagues’ health and now they are going for runs, fitness classes, and bike rides, on top of counting the number of miles they walk each day at work. Apart from bringing benefits to everyone’s health, the challenge is also a way through which the group is raising money for St Andrew’s Primary School in North Weald.

A donation page was set up for anybody who wishes to support the company’s efforts and vision:

“We were sorry to hear the news of Laurence’s death. It is great to see that his family members are working with the employees at Eldred Group to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage fitness,” commented Amy Symon, project manager of Logistics Hub UK. “We are sure that the company will raise a good amount of money for the school which will help to make a real difference.”

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