Eurotunnel Staff Raise Funds For The Children’s Society With Anniversary Run

Eurotunnel Staff Raise Funds For The Children’s Society With Anniversary Run

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Eurotunnel Staff Raise Funds For The Children’s Society With Anniversary Run

Cheque for £3,395 presented in Victor Hugo Passenger Terminal

On 17 June 2014, as part of the celebrations to mark the 20th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Channel Tunnel, Eurotunnel staff ran, walked, hopped and jumped a total of 679 kilometres around the Folkestone terminal to raise money for the Children’s Society.

Yesterday 16 July 2014, Michel Boudoussier, Eurotunnel Chief Operating Officer, presented a cheque for £3,395 to Jen Woolridge from The Children’s Society.

One group of 18 runners together with a cyclist to set the pace, started at the British:French border inside the Channel Tunnel and ran 25km through the service tunnel back to the entrance in Folkestone, and then continued on to the charity circuit (making a total distance of 504km), whilst on the terminal in Folkestone other members of staff completed laps around a specially devised 500m-long circuit to bring the total to 679km. The circuit was marked out in the middle of the terminal and was open to staff throughout the day so that they could take part no matter what time they were working. Staff from every department and at every level of fitness took part.

The Children’s Society was chosen as the beneficiary as, 20 years ago, members of Eurotunnel staff and a group of celebrities headed by Olympic Gold Medallist Daley Thompson and Chris Akabusi had raised money for the charity on “Le Walk”, walking from Calais to Folkestone through the Tunnel before commercial services began.

Eurotunnel’s Civil Engineering Manager Dave Johnson and Train Driver Manager, Martin Wise, both took part in both events and forged the link between the two dates.

Presenting the cheque to Jen Woolridge from The Children’s Society, Michel Boudoussier, Eurotunnel’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “It is a great pleasure to present this cheque to The Children’s Society and so make a link across twenty years of charitable work by Eurotunnel. I would like to thank all of our staff who took part and I hope that the money raised will be of help to The Children’s Society in their good work”.

Receiving the cheque, Jen Woolridge from The Children’s Society said: “The Children’s Society would like to thank the staff and management at Eurotunnel for all their efforts to raise money for us. It has been great to be invited back to make the link to Eurotunnel’s first major charitable event 20 years ago. This money will be used to fund our work with children and families in poverty and young people experiencing neglect.


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