Anna Plotting A Path To The Winter Paralympics With Bridgestone

Anna Plotting A Path To The Winter Paralympics With Bridgestone

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Anna Plotting A Path To The Winter Paralympics With Bridgestone

A Warwick paralympian who enquired about a set of Bridgestone winter tyres is now aiming to be part of the Winter Paralympics, after the leading manufacturer agreed to sponsor her as she dreams of glory.

Anna Turney, aged 34, can now fully focus on her preparations to qualify for the Paralympic Games in Russia next year thanks to Bridgestone’s backing, where she hopes to represent Great Britain in a number of Alpine Skiing events.

Anna said the partnership would make a huge difference to her chances, with funding going towards an intensive training programme in the run-up to the games in March.

She said: “I needed some winter tyres at the start of the year and with Bridgestone being so local, I made an enquiry. Before we knew it, we were talking about my plans for the Winter Paralympics, so I’m glad I got in touch.

“The sponsorship really is essential, because I’m not funded through any other means. Without this backing, I wouldn’t be able to put in the amount of training needed to reach the qualification and selection standards to represent Great Britain.”

Bridgestone’s communications manager Andy Dingley said: “Bridgestone is huge admirers of Anna’s efforts and achievements. After meeting her, we were keen to show our support and help her in any way we could.

“We always try to support local groups and individuals where possible and hope our sponsorship of Anna will help her achieve her dreams of winning a medal in Russia.”

Anna said that after suffering a spinal injury in 2006, being nervous was only natural for her at the start gate of such an extreme sport as alpine skiing.

She added: “I became paralysed doing snowsports and I suppose I will always be nervous, but I decided a long time ago that being nervous is a good thing. I came sixth at the Vancouver Games in 2010 and that was an amazing experience.

“I would be delighted to do well in Russia, winning a medal would be my absolute dream, although the team has not yet been selected and we can’t qualify until August.

“The course in Russia is very tough. It is steep and really ‘high risk,’ but I think I will take more educated risks than I did before and plan what I want to do a bit better.”

Anna undertakes a bespoke strength and fitness indoor programme ahead of next year’s Winter Paralympics, with training in Austria and New Zealand to follow later in the year.

For more information about her and her medal hopes, visit

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