Traffic Management Improvement Shows Signs of Progress

Traffic Management Improvement Shows Signs of Progress


Traffic Management Improvement (TMI) Project Shows Clear Signs of Progress

Customers travelling through the Port of Dover will now have an enhanced journey thanks to hoardings that have been erected in order to screen off the major works continuing apace as part of the transformational multi-million pound TMI project.

The hoardings, covered with signs about the project, will help to ensure that customers not only have a clear steer of where they are going, but also remain aware of the significant investment going in to make the Port of Dover even better.

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive, Port of Dover, said: “Transforming Europe’s busiest ferry port whilst ensuring that it continues to deliver excellent service to our growing numbers of customers is a challenge we take seriously.  Improving the customer journey experience and presenting the Port in the best way possible during a period of massive change is essential to us meeting our commitment to them.”

Alongside major demolition works, considerable progress has been made with the major refurbishment of the Passenger Handling Building (PHB).  Part of Phase 2 of the nine phase TMI project, the PHB refurbishment includes installation of new heating and ventilation systems, new electrical distribution and lighting systems and internal building works.

Mr Waggott added: “We thank all of our customers for their understanding whilst we continue to improve the best ferry port in the world for their journeys of the future.”

The TMI project is due to be completed in 2015.

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