Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 Official Product Launch At Seawork

Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 Official Product Launch At Seawork

Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 Official Product Launch At Seawork

Southampton, UK – The Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 (SMV24), which will transform support operations in today’s growing offshore wind farm and maritime engineering sectors, receives its official launch at Seawork International.   The SMV24 is a new concept in offshore support vessels, designed to provide operators with `one boat to replace many`,  enabling operators to conduct a wide range of support tasks associated with offshore wind farms and other maritime engineering installations and facilities.

The first SMV24 is being built by established boat builder, Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd, at its Pembroke Dock facility under a contract awarded by Supacat.  Naval architects Incat Crowther were commissioned to translate Supacat’s SMV 24 concept into a detailed design and DNV were engaged to advise on classification.  The SMV24 will meet DNV 1A1 HSLC R1 Windfarm Service Vessel Class 1 and be UK MCA SCV Code (MGN280) Category 1.

With construction of the first SMV24 already underway and due for completion in September, the SMV24 is attracting significant interest from fleet operators and owners.  Its flexibility in performing different roles, combined with high speed and high pay load have been key discriminators. Operated by a crew of 3 or 4, the 24 metre vessel can concurrently carry up to 12 additional passengers and up to 30 tonnes of cargo. It can achieve up to 30 knot speeds and has a range of up to 790nm.

The SMV24’s revolutionary deck system is the key to its multi-role performance and ability to carry any type of cargo.  It has a through-deck and an integrated rail system along the length of the vessel, which are designed to accommodate ISO containers, a deck crane or diving rig, or other equipment for different roles.  The deck can carry up to 50ft of ISO containers in a variety of 20ft and 10ft combinations, other general cargo or a combination of cargo types.

The ISO load compatibility allows the SMV24 to perform multiple roles including wind farm support, diving, survey, fuel transport, workshop, refrigeration, general cargo, passenger transport, Remotely Operated Vehicle support or any other ISO compatible modular custom load.    At a basic level the vessel can be used to move personnel and cargo, such as spare parts, refrigerated food containers and other necessary equipment, from the home port to mother ship and return with relieved technicians and appropriate salvage or equipment for onshore repair. The rapid loading of alternative ISO modules such as a workshop and/or accommodation can extend the functionality of the SMV 24 further still.

The SMV24 is a catamaran based design constructed from marine grade aluminium with double bottom to ensure maximum survivability.  It is powered by two MAN D2862 LE463 engines and each is coupled to a Servogear Controllable Pitch Propeller to give greater control of thrust throughout the rev range and maximise fuel economy.  Significant redundancy has been built into the electrical system to fulfil specific customer requirements and the two generators fitted are able to power all the vessel systems individually.

“The SMV24 is the result of detailed analysis by Supacat of offshore operations and fresh thinking to develop a product that provides a cost effective solution to meet the needs of today’s growing offshore wind farm and general maritime engineering sectors”, said Nick Ames, Managing Director, Supacat.

“We are delighted with the progress the SMV24 is making.  We have been working very closely with Supacat and Incat Crowther over the past few months on this project and we are very much looking forward to her launch in September”, said Ian Strugnell, Commercial Director, Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd.

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