Peel Ports & Busan Port Authority Strengthen Links

Peel Ports & Busan Port Authority Strengthen Links


Peel Ports And Busan Port Authority Further Strengthen Links

Representatives from North East Asia’s largest port authority have visited the Port of Liverpool as part of a partnership designed to enhance terminal maritime activities.

President of the Busan Port Authority (BPA) in the Republic of Korea, Mr Lim Ki-tack and Mark Whitworth, CEO of Peel Ports Group have today (Thursday November 14th) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines a commitment to enhance trade and maritime services between the two parties.

Under the MOU, Busan Port Authority and Peel Ports Group will further their long standing friendship, working together to strengthen the technical, economical and commercial activities of the maritime sector. These include infrastructure development, environmental betterments, commercial waterfront development as well as  skills and education.

Handling 17million TEU a year BPA is ranked the fifth largest container port in the world and is considered a world leader in the use of emerging port technologies, in particular port infrastructure and semi-automated port handling equipment.

In the spirit of mutual understanding and the sharing of best practice, Peel Ports hopes that the long standing relationship between the two authorities will help inform its own plans for the first semi-automated CRMG container terminal in Europe at Liverpool2, as well as helping to drive forward the use of developing technologies at BPA.

Mark Whitworth, group chief executive of Peel Ports, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to further our commitment to best practice within the maritime sector, particularly when it comes to world class port technologies.

“We have a longstanding relationship with the Busan Port Authority and believe that there are many things that we can learn from continuing to work with their team, which will help strengthen trade and maritime activities across all our ports.

“In particular we hope this partnership will not only help inform plans for the semi-automated container terminal at Liverpool2, but will create an opportunity for us to exchange information as part of a mutually beneficial relationship, as we invest in emerging technologies.

“We welcome Lim Ki-tack and his team to the Port of Liverpool and hope they enjoy their time here and within the city itself.”

Mr Lim Ki-tack, president of Busan Port Authority, said: “This opportunity of signing the co-operative MOU between Busan Port Authority and Peel Ports Group, will create mutual benefit by sharing information and co-operating in port related activities.”

Six delegates from the Busan Port Authority, as well as a representative from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, were invited to a tour of the Port of Liverpool, as well as a discussion on further co-operations between the two parties.

Representatives from Peel Ports visited BPA earlier this year to find out more about its client operations and to facilitate the initial conversation which has led to the creation of the MOU and more visits between the two authorities are expected as the relationship progresses.

The MOU will come into effect from November 14th.

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