Cast Away On River For Tyne Play

Cast Away On River For Tyne Play


Cast Away On River For Tyne Play

Exploring the breadth and depths of the River Tyne, Tyne is a brand new play created by Port of Tyne’s writer-in-residence Michael Chaplin.

Brought to the stage by Live Theatre in partnership with the Port of Tyne as part of the theatre’s 40th anniversary programme, Tyne maps the epic history, atmosphere, and soul of the mighty River Tyne in story, music, and images.

Andrew Moffat, Port of Tyne, Chief Executive Officer, said: “As our writer-in-residence Michael has uncovered a whole host of stories evoking the passion and importance of the River Tyne.  As a result he was inspired to create this new play and we are delighted that it has come to fruition at a time when we are also supporting Live’s 40th anniversary celebration.”

With a cast staring Zoe Lambert, Jane Holman, Victoria Elliot, Phil Corbitt, George Irving, Paul Dodds and Assad Zaman; Tyne tells a story of two siblings trying to trace their father’s story and life along the river’s edge.

The actors recently joined, Michael when they took to the water to experience the river journey for themselves.

“The river has been a great source of inspiration for countless stories in music, art, and literature and it was good to be able to take a river trip with the cast, to help galvanise our collective imaginations,” said Michael.

Tyne which is currently running at Live Theatre until 20 July has been a hit with audiences and some shows are already sold out.

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