Pharma Ocean Freight Program to Be Introduced at TCL Forum

Pharma Ocean Freight Program to Be Introduced at TCL Forum

A global and fully integrated Pharma Ocean Freight program called ‘Poseidon’ will be presented at the 17th IQPC Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference in London on the 1st of February. The purpose of this sea-freight model is to better ensure the safe and secure transportation of health-giving and life-saving pharmaceutical products.

“Poseidon has been conceived to address long-standing quality, safety and service issues associated with the long-haul transportation of pharmaceutical products,” says collaboration specialist Alan Kennedy who has been closely involved in program development. “It is out to challenge some of the ingrained beliefs and outmoded practices that plague the current pharma-freight paradigm.”

The pharma business loses around £35 billion every year because of temperature excursions with 30% of scrapped pharmaceuticals attributed to logistics issues. The pharma industry is always looking into how to reduce costs while meeting safety concerns and ‘Poseidon’ will offer a new approach to product transportation and will provide a structured platform to work on.

Poseidon logistics was created as a collaboration of principles and practices and the pharmaceutical shippers were involved in all parts of the program, from design to development. The product and service partners were hand-picked and vetted prior to signing the Poseidon Partnering Agreement. Some of the companies involved are Maersk, H. Essers, Marsh, DuPont, Pelican Biothermal, Logtag Recorderd and Controlant.

“The ‘Poseidon Adventure’ that is about to commence rewrites the rules around pharma sea freight and the logistics supply chain. The organisations which are supporting this initiative deserve huge credit for putting their faith and energy behind this momentous collaboration initiative which has the potential to remedy many of the ills now facing the beleaguered pharma sector,” says Kennedy.

IQPC Temperature Controlled Logistics is Europe’s longest running and most comprehensive cold chain and ambient logistics conference that gather together more than 400 senior supply chain, logistics, storage, regulation, and quality experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

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