GateHouse Maritime Releases OceanIO for Seaborne Logistics

GateHouse Maritime Releases OceanIO for Seaborne Logistics

GateHouse Maritime, a leading provider of ocean supply chain visibility and predictability services has announced the introduction of its new data platform, OceanIO. The new feed is scalable to support the rapidly increasing number of data points anticipated from the growing use of IOT technologies fitted to shipped and shipping assets.

“The digital transformation of the logistics sector is creating a tsunami of data. At GateHouse Maritime we wanted to proactively deliver a data platform that can scale to meet the demands of this growing resource. At the same time, we wanted to reinforce our reputation as the go-to provider for a robust data foundation upon which our clients can develop and deliver reliable and accurate services to their end customers,” said Martin Dommerby Kristiansen, CEO at GateHouse Maritime.

OceanIO receives up to 150 million new data points daily, drawn from diverse sources including nearly 300,000 oceangoing vessels reporting information regarding their position, heading, speed and depth, together with information from 160 satellites and 2,500 terrestrial stations, 110 container freight carriers, 4000 container ports and terminals, and meteorological reports amongst many others. 

“Most importantly,” continued Martin Dommerby Kristiansen, “as sector specialists serving the seaborne logistics for over a decade, we have been able to integrate historical and trend data into OceanIO for a more powerful end service. Using machine learning means that predictive services can be a great deal more accurate to meet end customers’ expectations of a better explanation of where their freight has been, where it is currently located and when it’s expected to arrive at port. Predictability has become an increasingly vital service attribute as the supply chain has degraded with more and more disruption over the past years.”

OceanIO is augmented with nearly 3000 different types of data on a second-by-second basis. Coming from vastly different sources by data type, volume, velocity and interval, it must all be accommodated, rationalized, harmonized and then unified for use by GateHouse clients. At the same time, clients also need to have their own customised requirements satisfied in order to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

“Our clients create services based upon the foundation data comprised within OceanIO,” concluded Martin Dommerby Kristiansen. “To ensure the success of their current and future offers – especially as these become more predictive in nature – GateHouse provides a fully configurable ‘rules engine’ enabling different fusions of data to be served on demand. We can even look to co-develop solutions using client data to provide more granular services and greater value-add.”

OceanIO is available now from GateHouse Maritime to enable predictive services which answer questions including where is my container or freight, what condition is it in, has it been opened or moved from one vessel to another, where is it in the customs clearance cycle and how soon am I likely to receive it? 

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