GateHouse Maritime and Satlock Extend Partnership

GateHouse Maritime and Satlock Extend Partnership

Following the launch of its partnership in 2021, GateHouse Maritime, a leading provider of ocean supply chain visibility and predictability services and Satlock, specialists in the global control, administration and risk management of the physical distribution of merchandise, have announced an extension to their partnership to meet the growing demand for reliable ocean visibility and shipping container tracking technology.

“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with such a pioneering logistics tech company and of the extension of our joint commitment to three years. Working together, we aim to revolutionize ocean visibility, shipping traceability, and container tracking for customers worldwide throughout 2022 and beyond,” said Martin Dommerby Kristiansen, CEO at GateHouse Maritime.

Today, ocean supply chain reliability is in a state of deterioration and has been so since the onset of coronavirus in 2020. Global demand for physical goods increased throughout the pandemic and coupled with shortages of raw materials and manufacturing shutdowns, challenges in the supply chain global logistics have been causing untold headaches for cargo owners, freight forwarders and shipping firms, with customers experiencing lengthy shipping delays and unpredictable ETAs. As a result, demand for precise container tracking across the entire shipping supply chain has increased significantly:

“We’re fully aware of the problems facing the logistics industry, which took a huge hit during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, container shipping reliability is sitting static at 40%, down from 60-80% in 2019,” continued Martin Dommerby Kristiansen.

“By providing Satlock invaluable data from our large maritime data foundation, the company will monitor the exact location of individual containers at sea using its state-of-the-art satellite-driven technology. Furthermore, we combine our Arrival Prediction solution with machine-learning algorithms to pinpoint container schedules to accurately calculate arrival times with better precision than scheduled ETAs.”

Not only is the GateHouse Maritime-Satlock partnership ready to tackle the demand for real-time ocean visibility and container tracking, but it is also mutually beneficial for both companies involved.

“Satlock is a phenomenal company to enter a contract with, not only for its efficient and advanced container tracking technology, but also for its infrastructure and business connections across the entire South America region. We see a huge opportunity to expand and enter many South American markets, including Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador, which will further strengthen our position as a global maritime data and analytics leader,” said Martin Dommerby Kristiansen.

“First and foremost, we have been very satisfied with our partnership with GateHouse since its initiation earlier this year, which is why we now extend the contract from one to three years. Thanks to GateHouse Maritime’s extensive foundation data pool, we are successfully expanding our tracking services to cover shipped goods, making our solutions even more accurate and precise for our customers. We’re happy the partnership is proving valuable for both parties,” added Juan Guillermo Galan De Valdenebro, General Manager at Satlock.

Having agreed a mutually beneficial contract, both parties have now entered the preparation and planning phases for new solutions, with operation expected to begin during Q1 2022.

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