Flexport Partner Network for Importers and Exporters

Flexport Partner Network for Importers and Exporters

Flexport, the platform for global logistics, has launched the Flexport Certified Partner Network, an industry-first ecosystem of logistics service providers designed to provide customers with the local expertise they need to scale logistics operations globally. The network is designed to help global importers and exporters improve the experience using the data-driven features within the Flexport platform.

In a changing marketplace, businesses need to be agile enough to adapt to new challenges and expectations while offering their customers the highest level of experience. Through the Certified Network, Flexport can provide businesses with additional services and scale, delivered through a single technology platform, providing greater visibility and increased flexibility to forecast, and scale logistics.

Flexport Certified Partners have decades of experience in their territories and are experts who understand the nuances of their local markets. They work directly in the Flexport Platform, enabling real-time updates and transparency for Flexport clients. That means complex needs are managed in the same consistent manner, whether they are handled by Flexport or a Certified Partner.

The Certified Partner Network will help Flexport clients scale across 89 countries where partners currently operate. In addition, it creates an opportunity for Certified Partners to lower their cost to serve and scale operations for their own clients by bringing them onto the Flexport Platform. This two-way value creation reflects Flexport’s commitment to moving the logistics industry toward a stronger, more connected future regarding a more client-focused, technology-enabled, partner-led strategy.

“The current supply chain challenges highlight the need for localised expertise that can make the difference in a pinch,” said Will Urban, Chief Revenue Officer at Flexport. “The Certified Partner Network lets Flexport tap into local capabilities in a way that disrupts the traditional freight forwarding model.”

Breaking away from the traditional freight forwarding business model, the Certified Partner Network gives Flexport, and its clients access to more ways to work without the red tape of maintaining a vast footprint. Certified Partners are held to detailed data, security, and compliance standards to ensure consistently high-quality and equipped with the Flexport Platform to ensure end-to-end milestone visibility and performance monitoring.

“Flexport certified partners have been instrumental in moving our volume, especially in this grueling market – given everything is managed under one Flexport platform,” said Chad Timothy, Senior, Trade Specialist at Specialized Bicycle Components. “Their presence is closely integrated and at the same time indistinguishable from that of the Flexport in-house teams.”

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