Importance Of Inbound Tourism For Public Services

Importance Of Inbound Tourism For Public Services

UKinbound And Chiltern Railways Highlight The Importance Of Inbound Tourism For Public Services

UKinbound, the trade association representing the interests of the UK’s inbound tourism sector, together with train operating company Chiltern Railways, has expressed their intention to highlight the importance of foreign visitors to public services in the UK.

British rail infrastructure is reliant on overseas visitors, particularly during off-peak periods. Public services in general should therefore be welcoming inbound tourism and supporting these visitors who benefit the economy so greatly. Without them, businesses would suffer, as would UK travellers – train fares, for example, would be higher because there would not be as much demand for their services.

Chief Executive of UKinbound, Mary Rance, commented: “We are calling on the public services sector to realise the value of inbound tourism and to contribute to our collaborative voice, working with Government to make the UK more competitive as a destination. We should be making the visa process easier for tourists to get here and reducing the taxation burden to make the UK more affordable. That way we will see an increase in the number of visits to the UK and in the use of services which will benefit the British economy in general.”

“Together with Chiltern Railways and other industry bodies, we at UKinbound are putting this issue on the agenda in order to gain the support and momentum we need to promote change, reducing the barriers to inbound tourism and encouraging visitors to come to the UK.”

Rob Brighouse, Managing Director at Chiltern Railways: “It is vital that we create a legislative framework that harnesses the potential of high-spending foreign visitors and supports economic growth. In our experience, these visitors often choose to travel by train at quieter times of the day, and help to keep ticket fares low for our passengers. Current burdensome visa processes mean that, economically, the UK is missing a trick. ”

Leading business figure, Lord Digby Jones also supports the call to action: “There are now 300 million Chinese middle class consumers with money to spend. Our current, restrictive visa policies prevent us welcoming them to Britain and spending money on our goods and services. Foreign tourists travelling out from London could play a vital role in kick-starting the regional economy and pour new money into our railways, helping to keep fares down and support ongoing investment. It appears to be a ‘no-brainer’ and the Government needs to act now”.


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